Clarity & Alignment Coaching: Move Forward to a Life of Meaning and Power

The purpose of this coaching program is for you to uncover your deepest life
intentions, be in a space of filling your own cup without guilt, and have the power
to choose what is best for you and the people around you. Stepping into this
powerful space allows you to optimally perform at home, at work, and in other
areas of your life.

Harmony & Balance

Our coaching engagement is a dialogue between you and me with the intention of
finding creative ways to address a challenge through a personalized coaching
process to meet your objectives. However, just because we set an intention does
not mean that the journey is not without challenges. But it is in these dialogues
where we can strategize ways on how we can move forward more powerfully
despite the challenges. It follows a general framework:

  • Session 0

    Clarify your intention and goals.

  • Sessions 1-2

    Take a different perspective about where you are through these pre-work activities: Life Line & Life Wheel,
    Leadership Dashboard and Your Space Map.

  • Sessions 3-10

    Coaching on different areas but not limited to:
    The Inner Game / Perceptual Coaching
    Influence Conversations

    Overcoming Overwhelm

    Coaching Clients to Lead Change
    Execute Effectively
    Coaching for Career Success

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  • 3 or 6 month engagement, up to you

    It can be a weekly or a bi-monthly coaching session for 60 minutes each.

  • 30-day check in after the engagement

    A check-in for an extra development boost is part of your package

  • Access to mindfulness and meditation coaching

    Learn ways to be still and calm to enhance your leadership capabilities

  • Option to declutter your mind and space with Ally

    Overcome heaviness and overwhelm by taking care of yourself and your spaces

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Clarify and Align: a program for women leaders

Clarify and Align is a group coaching and accountability program designed to create a life of meaning, joy, and balance for leaders who need a breather.

  • Get a clearer understanding of where you are
  • Discover what you truly value and let go of what is not
  • Stay inspired and empowered as you create the life you want
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