Get these ready for a successful decluttering session!

Get these ready for a successful decluttering session!

Getting ready to declutter?

Here are 4 things to consider before your decluttering session to set your self up for success!


1. Your Intention

Before anything else, go back to why you even considered sorting though your possessions. This way, when the burning desire (intention) is clear, it become a powerful driving force to keep you going despite overwhelm, challenges and attachments.

You can ask yourself these questions:

"What am I making space for?"
"What experiences do I want to welcome in my/our home?"
"What kind of life am I creating?"

These questions can help you build your intention. As you declutter, with each item you hold, you can ask yourself,

"Does this contribute to the life I am creating?"
"Is this item aligned to my intention?"
"Is this item supporting the experience I want in my life and in my home?



2. Your Location and Time

Let's get real. Decide which area of the house you would like to declutter and specify how much time do you really have. Estimate the amount of work and time well so that you are able to complete it. This vibes up your decluttering juju and you can gain a sense of fulfillment by being able to finish the task. Implementation Intention helps too: "I will declutter my the first level of my office drawer at 1:00PM for 15 minutes".


3. Decluttering Tools

Nope, that fancy container is not included! (yet or at all)

Here is the list you need which might be available in your home or office already:

  • Boxes / Bags (for donation, recycling, giveaway, storage)
  • Scissors / Cutter
  • Pentel Pen
  • Tape / Label
  • Paper (if you want to do a packing list)

4. List of recycling & donation hubs to send your decluttered stuff

Maybe you have decluttered before but the stuff did not leave your home... Or you don't even want to start at all because you do not know where to send them! Here is a list of organizations where you can send your stuff:

    1. HUMBLE SUSTAINABILITY is a circular economy start up. They collect things homes and businesses don't need and they can be reused, recycled, or upcycled.
    2. GREEN HAVEN SCRAP MATERIALS TRADING is a business committed to help communities handle and sort their household solid waste for proper disposal.
    3. GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF THE PHILIPPINES sells your donated items to fund employment training and job placement for PWDs.
    4. CARITAS MANILA / SEGUNDA MANA is the lead social service and development arm of the Archdiocese of Manila. They accept decluttered items and sell them for their beneficiaries.
    5. HAND AND HEART  your donated items help raise funds for Hand and Heart livelihood activities for Persons With Disability.

I hope this list helps you continue your decluttering journey!


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