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Decluttering and Organizing have created transformational changes at home. Now, we are bringing it to the workplace!

Mindfulness practices are infused in our programs as part of our advocacy of Space Care is Self-Care. When the mind is at ease, spaces can also be at ease. And it also works the other way around!

All corporate workshops of Align Your Home are carefully crafted according to the needs of the organization and audience, whether employees or customers. The intention is always centered on clarity, inspiration and alignment of actions.

  • Space Care is Self Care: Decluttering and Organizing

    Our home and work environments have an impact on our activities, the way we live and ultimately our wellbeing.

    In this workshop, learn the 3-point process of decluttering and organizing that can bring out your own strategy on how to create a space that feels light and right for you.

    By the end of this session, you will learn how to start, where to start and what to prepare as you begin creating your intentional space.

  • Digital Decluttering and Organizing

    Find files easily and enjoy deep work as you sift through and systemize your digital spaces.

    In this workshop, learn more about digital information, assess your challenges and discover ways to put order in your computer, email, drive, and phone.

    Get ready to flourish as you establish your flow as you interact and work.

  • Align Your Time: A Productivity Workshop

    This workshop guides participants find clarity about their current time situation and be able to determine areas of improvement to make the most of their time.

    To encourage the application of the action steps, the workshop will be followed by an accountability session.

  • Ease Your Mind: A Mindfulness and Meditation Class

    This class is perfect for individuals looking for sustainable ways to relieve mental stress and fatigue. For four (4) weekly sessions, different mindfulness practices are taught as well as activities that supplement grounding and stillness.

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  • Check-in Session after 30 days

    To maximize the time spent and the learnings shared, we discuss the participants' Points A and B 30 days after the workshop as well as inspired action steps moving forward.

  • Worksheets

    Worksheets are provided as a pre-work to facilitate participants' learning experience.

  • Certificate of Participation

    We provide certificates for our workshops as requested by the organizers.

  • Intention Kit for selected workshops

    Intention setting is a vital exercise for clearing up one's home. To enhance the experience, we include an intention setting kit for the participants.

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