Where in my home should i start organizing?

Where in my home should i start organizing?

For those that are heavily overwhelmed because of the clutter, do not really know where to start. Let me give you some possible starting points and let me know which one you think will work with you!

Target that Eyesore
You can finally get it over with by targeting the spot that is most irritating! You at least get to start organizing and hopefully it could be something that can fuel you to move on to other areas of your home.

Tidy the Area you see First Thing in the Morning
You’d like to start your day fresh, right? That would be a great reward to wake up seeing your surroundings neat and in order! You might just set the flow to creating the rest of your space orderly.

The Spot where it accumulates fast
Like water, that area will soon overflow. From the chair, to the table, to the rest of the area where you can place your things. Pinpoint that area and you can start from there.

Start Where you Spend a Lot of Time in
This place has the biggest effect on you. If you cannot tidy the rest of the house yet, at least start where you stay bulk of the time. You can start lifting things from where you are seated; start throwing away trash from the table next to you, and so on.

Your Storage Room or a Place where you dump your stuff
This could be the best area you can begin. Once you create more space here and then organize, you can continue with the rest of the rooms at home. You will have space for the items that you still need but want to store away as you move from room to room.

By category
Marie Kondo would urge you to strictly discard and tidy by category. This can also speed up the process according to her, as you start to discard from the easiest to the hardest.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Always remember though that this is a journey and will eventually be a way of life so, if one way does not work, be kind to yourself as you can always start again.

Love and light to you,


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