Keeping an Organized Home in Preparation for a Newborn

Keeping an Organized Home in Preparation for a Newborn

Keeping the house organized in itself is a challenge even if you are living alone. Having a partner with you is another, plus a toddler (even harder)… and now a newborn?


There were several items on my to-do list, especially for the coming of our Baby #2. This time, I wasn’t in a hurry as much as my first one and planned to put together all the baby needs after my 7th month. But ECQ happened, which moved me to buy only the essentials and reuse my firstborn’s things. I’m proud to have everything I need in the midst of the ECQ, and I am already giving birth in a few days!


Soooo…. How did I prepare to keep our home organized in the coming of our new baby?


I Imagined the Flow I Wanted at Home


Before anything else, I imagined how our flow would be like by then and re-arranged our 3-bedroom condo space to cater to our newborn. This was quite a work for me because often, I find myself daydreaming to get a bigger space to make it easier… But it’s actually fulfilling to make do with the “small-for-our-household” yet comfortable condo space.



I considered the usual daily activities at home: adults working, toddler playing, and caring for the baby. I made sure we have enough space for all of these. One great thing I did 1 year ago was to remove the bedframes in our bedrooms. Because of this, our rooms are more flexible, having the space to be utilized for other activities such as exercise. We just needed to lift the mattresses up! I had hesitations on doing this but I was more determined to make our limited space work for us. Our home has been designed for functionality and practicality with a little sprucing up here and there!


I Created Space For What We Need… and Organized!


Next, I created space for the things of my newborn. She will need to be sharing the room of his Kuya, hopefully for sleeping (in the future), and for playing. How did I make space? I had to look through the stuff again and remove those that are not being used and those that are broken already. I also maximized vertical space by using containers that can be stacked and I flipped a cabinet vertically to have more usable floor space.


There were things I had to repurpose as well, such as our snack trolley. Now it contains all the baby essentials like diapers, change of clothes, alcohol, to make them all accessible especially at night.



We Set a Household Huddle to Imbibe Alignment and Cooperation


Thirdly, I arranged a team huddle together with my husband, my father in law and our 2 household helpers. I asked for their needs and suggestions especially for the time when we are out in the hospital, also in anticipation of the arrival of our newborn.


Bulk of the discussion was reviewing the household tasks and the schedule to efficiently manage the house. Points discussed ranged from kitchen inventory, to food preparation, laundry arrangement and cleaning of the whole house. The most important thing I communicated was how to keep the house tidy and maintain the system of where stuff goes. My other helper is quite new and still have not adjusted to how things are done at home, and so, this session was particularly important to be able to set the standards.


For me, the main intention was to keep our space in order and tidily kept while I am adjusting to the new life of having another little one… I guess I am anticipating the sleepless nights and I honestly desire a peaceful and calm home with plenty of doses of positive energy flowing.


Wishing you light and love, Ally

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