I wasn't born OC!

I wasn't born OC!

Something about me: I wasn't born OC. I actually lived in a crowded home!


I was so used to my cabinet being so messy that I would often be late for school or work because “I don’t have anything to wear”… when in fact, I had too many clothes! It was just in constant disarray that I couldn’t find an outfit!


I only saw the gift of having a clearer space when I first lived by myself at the age of 26. It was a breath of fresh air being able to start a new chapter and living in a new house.


With a refreshed set of eyes, I then started to realize how much my space affects my mental well-being and being on time!


BUT it was short-lived. I once again became preoccupied and too busy. My new home looked like my old room!!!


I was so busy that my house also became busy! I was engrossed with a lot of things that my bag, my computer, and even my home were filled with so many things!


Because of the clutter, both mental and visual (and even emotional), I found myself confused, overwhelmed, tired, and burnt out.


I desperately wanted a change.


I slowly started to notice my habits and behaviors. When I feel stressed, inadequate, and lacking confidence, I would find myself in the mall buying new clothes! 


I also noticed I have always been a YES person, wanting to please others that I wasn’t able to stay grounded and do things for myself.


Good thing there were people around me that got everything in order. My boss back then was uber-organized and precise. Being exposed to him gave me a stark contrast to how I was organizing myself at work.


A friend also gifted me with Marie Kondo’s book, which I eventually applied at work. I started saying yes to things that brought me joy and were aligned with what I was really supposed to do.


That whole journey started in 2012, which then intensified in 2014 when I started to declutter my life. It continued into 2017 when I had three major transitions: moving back home, welcoming our firstborn, and starting a new role in a new organization. Eventually, it culminated in a major decision made in 2019 when I tendered my early retirement to build my own decluttering business.


Decluttering and realigning did not end there, it continued on until today. The ebb and flow of life showed me the ebb and flow of my own home. The ebb and flow of my career also showed me the ebb and flow of my workspaces. 


Ultimately, the ebb and flow of what’s within me also showed me the ebb and flow of what I see in different aspects of my life.


To me, these ebbs and flows are cycles, seasons, and transitions in my life. Because of the changes, there is a need to let go of what is not supporting me (and my family) in that specific chapter. Kids' clothes that have been outgrown must go, in order to make space for clothes that fit them better. Books that I don’t plan to read again or at all, and are not aligned with my intellectual pursuits have to go.


Considering chapters and seasons when decluttering and organizing made a lot of sense to me and many of the clients I have helped so far. The truth is, amidst the constant change, what remains at the core is who you are and the kind of life you choose to create.


The journey of decluttering and organizing becomes more meaningful and transformative when we do it mindfully (seasons) and intentionally (matching it to who we are and the life we are creating). Gentle yet powerful. But once you embrace this, you are not only taking care of your spaces, but you are also taking care of yourself.



More about me:


I am Ally Canita, Founder of Align Your Home. I have put together a holistic approach to decluttering and organizing that transforms not only spaces but also lives. I am an advocate of mindfulness and intentionality which are both ingrained in how we do decluttering coaching.


I have been a Marketing Professional for 10 years before jumping into this homegrown business! I have trained as a Professional Organizer with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and with the International Association of Professional Organizers. To enhance the support I provide, I am also a Certified Transformational Life Coach and a Global Executive Coach. To integrate mindfulness, I am also a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.


Together, let’s spread a new way of taking care of yourself by taking care of your space. And having a wonderful and joyful space starts from within.


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